Buying Albums

I am in constant need of vintage vinyls and will travel to most places within the Roseburg metropolitan area to evaluate, assess and purchase given sufficient quantity and quality. On occasion, I will travel to buy records in person, I'm generally interested in collections of 100 pieces or larger. However, contact me if you have a smaller number of rare or hard to find records that are in VG+ or better condition (both the jacket and vinyl).

I am mostly interested in vintage jazz, vintage rock and vintage metal which are in VG+ condition . If you have a collection you'd like to sell, let us know the quantity, musical categories, source, dates and times available and where you are located.

We DON'T need 78s, very common LPs or 45s which are in less than GOOD condition.

Don't throw away your old record collection. Don't send your music to the landfill. THE RECORD STORE will pay money for old records and will recycle any of no value. If you have a collection that you think we may be interested in, please contact us via email or via phone at 541-375-0567.


If you drop off your vinyls, etc, and leave them for me to evaluate, I will call when I am done. I will call at least two times to let you know that the vinyls are ready for pickup. If, after two calls - or 3 days, the records are NOT picked up, I will take them to the dump.